Perspective: Alabama’s Republicans tell Roy Moore he lost after he refuses to accept special election result



“Alabama deserves better than Moore …” a voter is quoted as saying.

The people of the usually so called “Red State” aka Alabama, USA, a noted staunch Republican state sent a clear message by more than 20,000 votes that Doug Jones a Democrat has the qualities they are looking for to be their Senate representative.

Morality Still Counts

This race was about more than maintaining historical voting patterns. Instead it was about moral values … the Republican Party’s past successes could have influenced many voters at the ballot box … but strong enough to win. During the period of campaigning the people by and large and the voters, were making up their minds, and were certainly not totally swayed by tradition, but did not waver on their moral or other values. Morality still has some value or currency in the America of 2017 … whether perceived Trump country or not.

Sexual Misconduct

The Republican Party’s candidate Judge Roy Moore has been accused of sexual wrongdoing by initially four women and later more. They in a nutshell assert that Moore preyed on under aged girls one reported to have been at least a 14 at the time. Roy Moore denied the allegations, President Trump stood by Moore and urged votes of Alabama to “not elect Doug Jones a Democrat.”

Senate Seat Count

The Republicans hold 52 seats to 48 for the Democrats. Now they have 51-49. This could prove to be problematic for Trump’s legislative agenda.

It is not acceptable for us to believe that we should not control our sex urges.  This separates us from other creatures on earth.  This is the real message sent to Roy Moore by the voters of Alabama.

Statute Bar

There is no statute of limitations as it relates to allegations of a sexual nature for example rape or sexual assault. High priority
is placed on such allegations.  It is about the violation of a person’s personal selfhood.

We are all about wholesome family values. What is your perspective? This is ours.

Morality still counts in Trump’s USA, even as the trump-et appears to blow another tune.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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