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Pop and R&B Sensation Darrell Kelley Calls On Hollywood A listers to Do More For Social Justice Than Voicing Support

LOS ANGELESMay 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past few years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in activism and support for social justice causes amongst millions of Americans. Hollywood in particular has become one of the loudest supporters for equality. Rising pop and R&B star Darrell Kelley feels like the entertainment industry’s efforts are not nearly enough and he is on a mission to change that.

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Darrell Kelley is one of the hottest musicians out of Atlanta right now and has over 21.5 million streams worldwide on Spotify and Soundcloud. At the last Golden Globes it was reported that Darrell was rubbing shoulders with lots of A-list producers, stars, and agents at a few of the most exclusive after parties.

Part of the reason that Hollywood has been so excited to work with Darrell for the past year and the reason his fans are so obsessed with his music is because of how unique his brand is. Darrell’s fans have become obsessed with his songwriting and how he takes on social justice so boldly in his music.

He has been releasing international number one singles since 2018 like “Police Brutality” and “I’m So High”. Some of his most popular hit singles are ” Isn’t justified” and “Georgia Finally Went Blue”, “Violence and Hate”, and “Kamala”. Darrell has also released two songs entitled “Corona Virus” and “Vaccine” this past year that have both taken off during the pandemic. Last week Darrell released “Systemic Racism” in response to the murder of Daunte Wright and Darrell’s fans immediately fell in love with how passionate his performance sending it to the top of global streaming charts. For Darrell, addressing these issues through his art isn’t easy and it’s only the first step.

“It hurts doing these songs. Being black in America can feel like a losing battle. Every time you fight one unspeakable injustice, 5 more spring up in it’s place. Look…it’ been amazing seeing Beyonce, Ariana GrandeJennfier Lopez, and many more of the biggest stars in the world stick up for Black Lives Matter, but I live in the real world and there is so much more work to be done. Hollywood can’t change the world by posting a picture on Instagram, they have to mobilize billions of dollars in an organized way to fight injustice in the courts and eventually pass laws that will hold cops, our elected officials, and anyone who thinks it’s okay to be racist accountable. That’s why my music is front and center with my causes and I’m using all of my efforts to fight oppression.” Darrell said when reached out for comment.

According to our sources Darrell is in talks with massive influencers to use his song on multiple platforms as part of a few global campaigns. Darrell is using his music to raise awareness and money to help those who are fighting against an unjust system, and to start uncomfortable conversations that he feels like we need to have.

“There’s no more time to shy away from these issues. Minorities are getting beaten and killed in the streets. Women are still being silenced. I want stars like Oprah to hear my music, and feel compelled to get Senators and members of congress together to enact laws that will end systemic racism. I want millions of people who listen to my songs all around the world to be reminded they aren’t alone and that when people in Hollywood say they care about you, they mean it and back it up.” Darrell added.

Darrell plans on releasing more music and today has released a brand new single that touches on the recent Andrew Brown case, a 42 year old black male shot in the back of the head by local police in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The song is titled “Isn’t Justified”.

For more information about Darrell’s music and upcoming performances visit He is on Instagram @ darrellkelleyofficial and constantly posts music and content on his YouTube channel here.

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