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Pot Shops Targeted

Several Marijuana shops have been the target of robbers, it’s a trend that started around June of 2016 onward into 2017.  So far, there have been reports of incidents involving dispensary owners who were victimized but chose not to report the incidents to authorities.  In at least two cases, owners themselves have also been charged.

It’s seems dispensaries are operating illegally in lieu of delayed regulations. Opportunists are targeting dispensaries knowing full well, owners and employees won’t report it to police for fear of being charged themselves. There exists a real risk to shop owners and the public who are witnessing these attacks and reporting them to police.

Steve Watts with the drug squad has said, “This is absolutely a public safety issue now.”

Of 13 robberies, there were at least a record 10 cases involving armed assailants, armed with hand guns and in some instances the suspects were reportedly carrying knives. Large amounts of cash and marijuana make dispensaries attractive targets for robbers.

The federal government have yet to fully establish laws permitting the legal operation of dispensaries across the nation. Police and business owners are between a hard place in transition of the surrounding legalities to the herb.

Although police began a crackdown on illegal operators since spring of 2016. Many stores continue to operate, neglecting the risk to their establishment.

Currently only licensed growers are permitted to sell, only to patients with prescription. Rates run as high as $7.50-$12.50 Per gram. Until further notice from legislators and police Marijuana dispensaries are still illegal and people are continuing to risk their lives for the love of money.

Photo from: www.thebounce.ca

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