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Prince Fabulous Elated to be a Top Ten Finalist in the JCDC Jamaica Festival Song Competition

June 14, 2023 | By Susan Smith |

Recording artiste Prince Fabulous is gearing up for an exciting venture in his career, as a top ten finalist in this year’s JCDC Jamaica Festival Song Competition. His track, “No Weh Like Yard”, was the perfect fit for the competition, with its relevant and timely message.

“The song is talking about the beauty of Jamaica, the niceness and the commitment to my Jamaica as a born Jamaican who loves my beautiful island no matter what. I believe this song will be the number one song because it’s about the truth and was delivered in a way for Jamaicans of all ages to relate,” the artiste highlighted.

In its 57th year, the competition is a ground-breaking opportunity for new and even established Jamaican artistes to showcase their talents nationally, with songs that appropriately reflect the spirit of Jamaican people. With the field narrowed down from hundreds of applicants, Prince Fabulous is extremely grateful to have made it to the top ten.

“I feel very overwhelmed and very excited in this competition because this is me representing my country and this festival is all about Jamaica,” he expressed.

As an energetic Dancehall and Reggae artiste who channels good vibes and positive energy into his releases, he is known for past releases such as “No Man”, “Big Links” and “My Girl” featuring Romaine Virgo. Over a decade into his musical journey, he is on track to greatness and is confident that the competition will be a great driving force for his career.

“My hope is to get my voice heard and to gain new supporters and grow my fanbase. Everyone always pays their full attention to Jamaica when it comes to independence time and this is me representing Jamaica in a leading competition,” he stated.

With the competition in full swing, Prince Fabulous is also gearing up for future projects, with more new music and accompanying videos in the works.

SOURCE Powerhouse Global Media

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