Reggae Radio Irie FM Back on the Air

Irie FM Reggae Radio, Jamaica W.I.

Irie FM is back on the air.  The National Worker’s Union met with the management and they negotiated a back to work formula.  The union (NWA) accused the reggae radio station of not observing “due process”  The shut down was done without due process, according to the National Worker’s Union. The management shut the gates of the station.  The debt situation was not reported as a factor.


There has been an ongoing dispute which has been in our courts since the owner has died.

The workers have returned to the job and there is a planned meeting among the parties to iron out a suitable formula to keep the reggae station open.


We are not sure if the threat of the New Corona virus has anything to do with the temporary closure yesterday.

We hope the issues will be properly ventilated and an amicable solution arrived at soon.


Irie FM Reggae Radio Station is the leading Reggae Radio Station in Jamaica and possibly worldwide. In all media surveys Irie FM 107 has always come out on top.  We wish them all the success going forward as they have an important role to play in Jamaica’s media landscape.  They are among the few radio stations which can be heard nationally. They have a very strong signal that has a all reggae format in their programming.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SiC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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