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Spragga Benz Cries For Peace in Spanish Town

 June 18, 2022 | By Supa Pea | International dancehall act, Spragga Benz cries for peace to gang members involved in the recent flare-up of violence in Spanish Town. Spragga is appealing to gang member to put down the guns and let peace reigns.

“All this violence doesn’t make sense as at the end of the day family members are mourning,  children left without fathers, and there is more hate and violence. We need to preserve  life, now more than ever before to build communities. This blood- letting often-times, claims innocent lives including the elderly and children.”

Spragga Benz cries for peace since Tuesday of this week when sections of the old capital came under sporadic gunfire due to rival gang fare. After the dust had settled at least three persons  lay dead while several others were  injured.

The police have reacted by imposing a 48- hour curfew in the troubled areas. Prior to the shootings, a message began circulating to citizens to avoid sections of the community, including the bus terminus . On Thursday, most higglers had returned to the streets in the vicinity of the bus terminus patrolled by soldiers and police. However, business especially, in the vicinity where the shootings occurred remained closed.

Spragga Benz born Carlton Grant grew up in the McIntyre Villa, Kingston. He recorded his first song “Coulda Deal” in 1992. Others followed including “Girls Hooray” He has done collaborations with the  likes of Lady Saw ( Backshot) and Foxy Brown (Too Stoosh).His albums include Jack it Up (1994) Fully Loaded (2000) and Chiliagon (2019)which topped the Billboard charts.

He has appeared as Wayne in Shottas released 2002 and as  David, the current movie Second Chance.

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