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Tessie Tames Her Tongue – A Book About Learning When to Talk and When to Listen

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Tessie Tames Her Tongue By Melissa Martin Illustrated by Charles Lehman Juvenile Fiction/Growing Up ISBN 978-1-63198-133-3 $14.99, hardcover, 36 pp., full-color, 8'' x 10'' Ages 5–9

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.—From school success to stronger leadership—even better manners—developing listening skills is essential to a child’s growth.  Through bright and talkative Tessie, author Melissa Martin delivers practical ways for children to open their ears and wrangle their mouths in Tessie Tames Her Tongue, wonderfully illustrated by Charles Lehman.

While children will have fun with Tessie’s playful language and zany ideas, parents and educators will appreciate the message that being a better listener goes beyond just closing one’s mouth. With the help of her teacher
and school counselor, Tessie realizes her potential as an intelligent and caring student who entertains her classmates with funny stories.

Martin’s goal was to make sure talkative children had a picture book that highlights their strengths and teaches the communication skills of listening and talking. Tessie Tames Her Tongue provides an accessible story with
practical solutions, making it perfect for bookshelves in counselor’s offices, in school libraries, in the classroom, or right at home.

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