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Vision Films to Release Coming-Of-Age Fantasy Drama ‘Once Upon a Lifetime’

LOS ANGELESNov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) announces the North American release of the fantasy drama Once Upon a Lifetime from David Skato Films on December 7, 2021. Faith, family and magic

combine in this urban, Benjamin-Button-like tale that was written, produced and directed by David Skato and co-produced Cecily Jamelia. Executive producers are Magalene Sudduth, Narlyia Sterling, Jensen Atwood, and Skato.

Once Upon a Lifetime is a heartwarming tale that takes on some real-world issues including death, infidelity, intergenerational family relationships, and hope. It reminds us of how short life truly is and that each of us should appreciate and make the most of our time together.

Synopsis: As a little boy struggles to cope with his difficult home life and his parents’ failing marriage, a mysterious girl suddenly appears. Faith, family, and a special kind of magic come together as his new friend teaches them all about love, forgiveness, and healing. Miracles sometimes happen when we least expect them.

Starring Arie Thompson (The Wrong Family), Jensen Atwood (Before “I Do“), Phoenix Nicholson (All My Children), Krystian Lyttle (This is Us), Marilyn Johnson (A Hopeless Father), Raquel Reyes (Spirit), Sophia Glemaud (Good Cop Bike Cop), Melanie Thompson (Charlie), Cecily Jamelia (Beverly Hills Fabulous), and Joan Moten (Maggie).

Once Upon a Lifetime will be available on all major streaming and cable platforms, and on DVD, in the US and Canada on December 7.

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says, “Once Upon a Lifetime is an empowering story about family, faith and experiencing loss. Vision Films is so proud to bring director David Skato’s strong female characters to the world. The hopeful message is universal and timely.”

Writer/Director, David Skato shares, “I wanted to inspire hope and remind people to enjoy the moment. No matter what mistakes you make, always know that another day to get it right awaits.”

SOURCE Vision Films, Inc.

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