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November 4, 2020
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November 4, 2020

Weed Is Life” and The Key To Empowerment Declares St. Andrew, Jamaica Native Bob Da Builda

November 4, 2020 | By Malaika Lepine |

Toronto, Canada (MPR Consulting) – Where Cannabis was once looked down by mainstream as a get-a-way drug, or negative connotation by being associated with Rasta and Hippies, this past few years has seen the Marijuana industry explode and the global total cannabis market valued at an estimated to $344 billion USD.

From recreational use to the various medical benefits such as  controlling seizures, reducing the symptoms of ALS and Parkinson’s Disease and more, Marijuana has been deemed the source of life by many. Indeed, singers across all genres have sang the prowess of this natural plant, such as dancehall and reggae recording artist Bob Da Builda with “Weed Is Life

Gimme The Weed Me want The Ganja Gimme The Weed Me Want It” sings Bob on the upbeat dancehall track that cleverly pairs Bob’s prolific lyrics. Speaking on the song and it’s inspiration, Bob explained “In Toronto where I reside marijuana is now legal and my short term goal is to open my own Dispensary in the near future providing the highest pre-packaged cannabis. It basically talks about how successful I am as a hustler or how successful one can be distributing the pharmaceutical.”

“Weed Is Life” was written and produced by the St. Andrew, Jamaica native Bob Da Builda, and has also delivered vibrant visual with a video ( directed by The Knemisis. The blazing single is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets

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