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1 Point sees potential with Not Possible

August 11, 2020 | By Janice Young |

Young talented newcomer, 1 Point is already happy with the attention his latest single has been receiving since its premiere earlier this month.

The artiste, who penned the lyrics to NOT POSSIBLE based on his own relationship, is seeing the song connect with others who can relate to the content. NOT POSSIBLE speaks about a relationship that has its challenges but the love they share makes it impossible for them to end the union.

Recorded on the SWITCH riddim produced by Shotty Shane production and One Hundred Degrees Records, NOT POSSIBLE was more of a vybing on the riddim versus being written in traditional terms.

“NOT POSSIBLE honestly wasn’t a song I had to write in technical terms, it was more like expressing my feelings on the beat. The riddim has an incomparable loving feeling that just motived realness and that is what fans are gravitating to,” 1 Point explains

The plans for the single include a proper digital release and visuals as well. 1 Point believes people should listen to the song because most can relate to a relationship that survives despite the arguments and other issues.

“Everyone can relate to the song because no relationship is perfect, but if you love someone you make an effort to make it work and this is the underlying message in the song,” 1 Point added

Fans can keep up with his new content by following 1Point on social media @_1point.

Janice Young is a PR Director/Event Coordinator & Advertising Consultant with StreetCred Jamaica

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