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Adams et al Cited For Human Rights Violation By The USA as Visas are Revoked

December 16, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Adams breaks his silence on the Kraal killings.  Reneto Decardova Valentino Adams former SSP in the JCF.

“If it were not for people like you I do not care what America has to say or do. Where is the evidence that my family is involved in anything illegal.  I have  children who were not born then.  This is vindictive and barbaric”

 It was put to him that this may be poetic justice. “l believe in poetic justice, it means that you have gotten away with a lot in the past. Scotland Yard investigated the matter and found no evidence of wrongdoing. This Kraal case was the focus.  Poetic justice does not apply to me.  I have been to the United States … I have not worked a day.  Operation Anthem was siged by Dr Peter Phllips.  I have not broken the Constitution nor the law”.

Adams continued to rant …

“If I wanted to plant guns at Kraal I would not wait until I went there to call someone to bring same.  I would have taken it myself. “

It was put to him that allegations are that he was caught on tape by our international partners soliciting illegal guns to be so planted on suspects.

Operation Anthem was intended to be used for intellegence and not for evidential purposes. Adams challenged the so called intellegence.  He was professing his innocence. Adams has every right to so do.

“I know that someone was threatened and phone calls were made. Intellegence is not facts.  I don’t know if they have the moral authority. I spent 42 years in the JCF defending the rights of the Jamaican people … I challenge those who keep prosecuting my character to put up the evidence .  I find such utterances as insulting. The US is behaving as if the police of the world.  I have never violated our Constitution.”

Adams concluded his response to the revocation of his visa and that of his immediate family.

Other Killings

There were other controversial operations.  For example: The Braeton seven (7).  In a nutshell seven young men were allegedly killed by the Crime Management Unit (CMU) led by Adams.  It is widely believed they were summarily executed. The police’s official release said it was a “shoot out”. Was it really?  Mark Wignall, a columnist and Talk Show Host said he visited the crime scene at Braeton and observed  “There was a lot of blood in one place”. Reports are that autopsies showed that they seem to all got head shots.  You be the judge. Was this a genuine shoot out?


The independent Commissioner of Investigations (INDECOM) has repeatedly reported that a number of their investigations have found that a number of victins killed in planned or unplanned police operations have found that the majority of these victims were unharmed. In short they were killed in cold blood. Respect for life seem not to have been of very high priority to the Jamaican police force.

We do not know if Adams et al were guilty of extra-juducial killings. We have no evidence of this fact. We are committed to sound human rights and respect for life. They were tried and acquitted of murder by a jury. Certain pieces of evidence were not entered into evidence. Why?  We will examine same in more detail later.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has a deep interest in Human Rights issues. He has international exposure.

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