Army Captain Retired In The Public Interest? Fall Out From Dr. Kevin Smith’s Human Sacrificial Mess

November 3, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The Defense Board goes on the Defensive

As pictures emerge of a senior army personnel believed to be associated with with the disgraced accused cultist His Excellency Dr. Kevin Smith, the army has acted with alacrity to erase any possible stain to its image. The army officer fingered is at the level of captain. The scandal engulfing the army has been spreading like a Fort McMurray wildfire. The army moved rather rapidly into damage control mode to curtail any fallout. Effective October 27, 2021, Captain Morgan has been retired according to a Defense Board release. PM Andrew Michael Holness chairs the Defense Board.  The wording is inter alia:

“The Defense Board has accepted the resignation of Captain Morgan’s application to be relieved of his commission.”

His Excellency Kevin Smith’s debacle seem to be going nowhere nor going away in a hurry.  The tentacles of which have touched wide, deep and high. We already reported that former JCF Commissioner is also in damage control mode. Mr. Owen Ellington has been linked to the Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Ministries Church.

Owen Ellington

Owen Ellington, a former Commissioner Of Police is likely being stained by his past association with Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith. Stained by what means we are not sure.  Alas!  Ellington has been taking no chances. He has rapidly moved to  retain the services of a high profile Queen’s Counsel in the person of Mr. Peter Champagnie, QC to defend or protect his interest. The fact is Owen Ellington and His Excellency Pastor,  Dr.  Kevin Smith are believed to be blood relatives. This has not been confirmed up to press time.  We are told that they are from the same geographic area known as Glengoffe,  St. Catherine Parish.

In a late Item Tuesday November 2, 2021 at 12 noon.

Retired Captain Omaine Morgan has retained a lawyer,  Clayton Lawrence. The self sacrifice killing event occurred on Sunday the 17th October, 2021. Ex-Captain was retired on the 27th October 2021 by the Defense Board of the JDF.

Retired Captain Morgan’s lawyer,  Clayton Lawrence said inter alia:

“Mr. Omaine Morgan went to Pathway Church to seek God. He visited the church on two occasions (2x) only. One such occasion was Saturday 16th October 2021.”

Asserted the former JDF Captain’s  lawyer Mr. Clayton Lawrence in an interview monitored by Vision Newspaper aired on Nationwide News Network today Tuesday,  November 2, 2021.

Retired Captain to sue the Defense Board

Mr. C. Lawrence further stated inter alia:

“My client met the now deceased Kevin Smith at the University of the West Indies (UWI) when they studied together. Captain Morgan was also a member of Pathway International Club at the UWI.

Continuing the Lawyer Clayton Lawrence who represents retired Captain Morgan said inter alia:

“Mr. Morgan attended the Pathway International Restoration Kingdom Ministries (church) twice. He was married by His Excellency Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith.  There was no other connection to Kevin Smith. The Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) unceremoniously dismissed my client from the army.  My instructions from my client are to take the matter to court.”

Asserted lawyer Clayton Lawrence as he spoke in a radio interview.


After a much published cultist attack allegedly instigated by now deceased Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith, three persons are dead.  A member of the church, has been criminally charged for two of the murders.  The third fatality was by the security forces who was attacked by a cult member with a butcher’s knife and was shot dead.

Cult Attack

It should be noted that His Excellency Dr. Kevin Smith died violently in a motor vehicle accident. The army is concerned about its image.  Any organization, especially a church that cultist activity has occurred or is occurring is cause for serious concern.  An army officer is a member of the security forces.  An officer, at the level of captain in the army, who is exposed to such violence may not be the best environment for their personnel. Law enforcement is key for the stability of any society.  In Jamaica in particular, both army and police go on joint patrols at times. The swift action of the Defense Board of the JDF, cannot be ignored and should be understood.

Justice needs to be done this is not being ignored at this time.  We always promote fair play for all.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie,  is a poet, elegist, author and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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