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December 22, 2020 | Janice Young |

Kingston Jamaica After the release last Friday of his new video for his latest single called Badness, Dancehall Drill King Bazragod has had to make it clear that the violence depicted in the visuals should not be taken literally.

The visuals for the Badness  song, directed by Timeless entertainment, is laced with guns, money, women and the fast life of sea pirates that epitomize the harsh tone of the song itself, but the artiste is reminding fans that this is art and doesn’t necessarily mean real life.

” Any logical person can see that these guns are simple props for the production, this is a very well executed project and is given the effect of what you would see in a movie, its art and it doesn’t depict my reality,” Bazragod explained

The artiste wants fans to visualize the project like they would any action movie in Hollywood and not make that deadly mistake of assuming this is the Dancehall lifestyle.

The storyline of the video shows Somalian sea pirates and how they loot and plunder. If you were watching Pirates of the Caribbean would you assume that Jonny Depp is promoting violence?” Fresh of Timeless Entertainment asked

Bazragod also believes hardcore Dancehall has its place in today’s street culture and he had this in mind when recording the single for DJ Treasure Music in the first instance.

Bad man songs are not for violence its original street Dancehall and sound system culture. Clash sounds would gravitate to this track because it’s perfect for ‘killing’ another sound and they don’t literally kill each other, ” Bazragod added

Timeless Entertainment went all out to ensure the project was as realistic as possible and wants fans to see the art in the project and not just the so called violence. The official video for Badness can be seen on Timeless Record’s Vevo channel on YouTube.

Janice Young is a PR Director/Event Coordinator &  Advertising Consultant with StreetCred JA

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