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Coteau calls for seven open debates all across Ontario

MPP officially registered as Ontario Liberal leadership candidate 

NORTH YORK—Michael Coteau, the third-term Liberal MPP, today called on the Ontario Liberal Party in an open letter to host seven leadership debates all across the province.

Coteau called for the debates to be moderated by local journalists, rather than the Party’s appointed convention co-chairs, as occurred in 2013.

“The same-old, same-old approach will not cut it,” wrote Coteau. “The format, location and substance of the debates offers our Party a powerful opportunity to demonstrate to Ontarians our understanding of their concerns and priorities, our openness, and our commitment to earning back their trust as we work to offer a real alternative to the Ford government in the 2022 provincial election,” Coteau wrote.

“Our leadership debates should help Ontarians understand that Liberals believe in the unfettered expression of a wide range of ideas and perspectives through an inclusive and accessible province-wide process open to party members, media and the public,” he added.

“While we are clearly competitive in the polls again, I am mindful that a Party in third place in the Legislature must be humble, prioritize outreach and give Ontarians good reasons to take new interest in us as we seek to earn back their trust and support in our drive toward success in 2022,” Coteau concluded.

Coteau was also registered today as an official leadership candidate.

“This campaign is just getting started, and I’m excited to be working collaboratively to build a new, modern Ontario Liberal Party that can chart the next generation of leadership for this province, based on a values-driven approach to public policy,” the MPP said.

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