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Droop Lion Interview

June 16, 2012 | Vision Newspaper |

His powerful songs of social commentary and liberation have real impact. Droop Lion is a fast rising reggae singer with a distinct voice that tells true life stories of pain, loss and righteousness, giving his songs an anthem like status. His lyrics are to the point and he has this rare gift of capturing the mood of the whole nation.

With Vision he talks about his most prolific songs.

Your songs have a strong lyrical content, do you consider yourself as a messenger?
I am a messenger of course, because we have to bring substance to the people, Selassie I know. 
What made you come up with the song ‘Pray for Them’ which is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives in natural disasters?
I base my songs on live and reality, my songs just get deep into righteousness. I listened to the news in Jamaica some time ago. I remember crazy rain was falling, water was flooding people away and a couple of youth get washed away and died. So much was happening at the time and the only thing I could do was pray for them and the inspiration of the most I came through. The song applies to people world wide because many people have lost loved ones trough tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.
What is the reaction of the Jamaican people when you perform on stage?
It’s a joy. It’s like a new paradigm happening to the I: teaching with righteousness. Jah gives me the strength.
How came the song ‘Freeway’ along?
Remember the Tivoli Massacre we had in downtown Kingston Jamaica in 2010. So many people died in such a little island, I think it was more than 50 people who died. It was like a culture shock to me as I have never seen so many dead people in a day. 
We need to get away from all of this, we need to take up our resources, we need I-essence, we need I-eyes and heart and walk away freely from this. We can achieve this through revelation and meditation.
After I went into the studio, recorded and the song it reached the people immediately. Free spirit is the mental capacity of a human being. Only spirituality frees the people from these kind of things.
The song ‘Soon Come Back’  is a song a lot of people feel. Tell us the background of this song.
This song is a seriously emotional song. To tell you the truth about this song, it comes from very far, this song is about I and I mother. I never get to know my mother. In 1980 when I  was about nine month my mother got killed.
You have mother’s day and most artist sing songs to complement their mothers, as an artist I always wanted to sing a mother’s song. As I don’t want to tell no lie I just spoke about it in the most truthful manner.
Big up time!
To name everyone would be a real talk, but I  want to thank Catman and Lefty B, because you take care of things on a different level. Big up Elise Kelly and Amber who give me strength, DJ Smurf and the whole of Irie FM. And world wide you have people who support the music and I don’t even know their name. 
Bless up to all the good hearted people. When I come to England I want to take the youth of the road where they are not supposed to be and bring them back to their parents and get the youth mind on  a more forward kind of thinking. Selassie I know.

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