New TV Series ‘First Family of Hip Hop’ Explores The Robinsons Family

Last night was the series premiere of the show “First Family of Hip Hop”. This series tells the story of the next generation of Robinsons as they fight for control and try to get their name back on the map. The Robinsons family first came to light in the 1970’s with their record label ‘Sugarhill Records’. Being named the first hip hop record label ever created, the Robinsons paved the way for hip hop and rap music and helped change the face of music. Now the next generation of Robinsons are trying to make a name for themselves while upholding the brand of Sugarhill Records. Having not had a hit on the charts in 30 years, the next generation of Robinsons are looking for the next big thing to further propel their record label into the next level of success.

Catch the next episode of the ‘First Family of Hip Hop’ airing on Jan 22, 2017 at 9pm.

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