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January 16, 2017
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January 16, 2017

Perspective: Morocco to provide 100 scholarships annually to Jamaicans


Photo: Finance Minister Omar Davies


This offer of scholarship by Morocco to Jamaicans to persue further education is timely as it dovetails neatly in Jamaica’s growth agenda as announced by the Michael Lee Chin’s led Economic Growth Council. (ECG).

The EGC has announced a 5 percent growth target in 4 years.
This is 1.5 percent per year on average. The government has announced some J$24 million to cover expenses to be allocated to the EGC recently.

It is not immediately clear if this revised supplementary budget will be used to pay EGC operatives. We were told their services were free.

Michael Lee Chin

Jamaican/Canadian Billionaire Michael Lee Chin is by no means at the minimum way level. He heads and has substantial share holdings in the largest commercial bank in Jamaica and possibly the English-speaking Caribbean. The National Commercial Bank. (NCB). Chin acquired the NCB from the rhen PNP government in the 1990’s for what is believed¬† to be a “fire burn sale” in the now notorious financial meltdown in the 1990’s in Jamaica.

The financial meltdown was widely blamed on poor management by then Finance Minister Omar Davies, MP for one of the PNP garrison constituencies and poor policies of the then People’s National Party (PNP) government.


We await the long overdue Finsac report which has long been half done, but yet to be completed and released to the public on the causes for the financial meltdown.

Foreign Minister Johnson Smith announced this scholarship deal from bilateral agreement recently with Morocco.

A good move indeed!

Commentary by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie SIC, for Vision Newspaper.

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