Jamaican Diaspora Voting is a Game Changer

“The Diaspora Vote is a game changer for getting independent candidates elected to the parliament in Jamaica.. this would wreck the two corrupt cousin’s party game plan of alternating power every five years between the crooks.”-Social Media Commentary  

The power brokers are scared of a politically active Diaspora and have governed in such a way to prevent a critical mass of well-informed voters to exercise their franchise and instead creating a mass of poor uninformed garrison voters to be the dominant electorate. 

“Without a critical mass of support from well-informed citizens, rules and institutions become paper tigers, the rules get ignored, the institutions get overpowered, because in each case, what we’re trying to do, will be opposed. There are initially powerful people, whose interests have to be faced down, and so, the march to get good public policies, is not just an onward, upward, happy process, it is a process of struggle, and so citizens have to get sufficiently informed, that they get on the right side. The crooks, the initially powerful, they will be putting out narratives that try to misinform, and so it’s the business of ordinary citizens to get properly informed.” – Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. 

Diaspora Voting Rights will strengthen our democratic institutions and shift the political dynamics away from Garrison politics to allow for the repatriation of economic and human capital to Jamaica for economic development. Economic integration cannot be achieved without political and social integration.

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