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Little Hero – Big Voice

July 8, 2012 | Vision Newspaper |
Since the early 90s Little Hero’s timeless anthem God Alone still rings loud in the dances and on the airwaves. His last album Revelation was an album that demanded your time and attention. Based on the sentiments of real reggae the album went straight in at number one on the billboard charts in 2008. 
We are now eagerly awaiting a follow up on the acclaimed billboard album. Vision met with the singer:
What’s the latest?
I’m currently promoting three of my new singles: Ready for the World and Lonely both produced by God Alone Productions, as well as Turn it Up produced by Jimbolee and myself on the Back Yard label. I’m planning to drop a next album so I’m doing a lot of studio work but also plan to put out videos. Furthermore, I’m working on collaborations with Tarrus Riley and Romain Virgo. I just work hard to keep my fans comfortable.
How did you come to work a lot with P Zed?
We are bredda fi life, we are blood brothers. He will always harmonise my songs whether on tour or in the studio. 
I took him to the streets. He was a college student and then he worked for Kaisers Bauxite but felt very uncomfortable. He told me: ‘Hero I want to go on the road with you.’ He can play the piano and the guitar! On my number one album he plays on some of the tracks and harmonised most of them. We also have two or three singles going on like: From The Beginning.
How did you come by the name?
Brother Brown kept talent shows in Linstead, St. Catherine. After I performed he came on stage and said: ‘This artist is one of the best I ever heard.’ He was the one changed who my name that day from Len to Little Hero. From then I just worked with the name.
They say music is a mission, what is your mission?
Thinking about music, I would want my music to reach all corners of the world so the youth can learn from it. The message that I’m sending is for the youth to have a better tomorrow, positive messages, sweet melodies and sound.
You life in St. Ann but also work in Kingston at times, would you consider moving to Town altogether?
I’m definitely a country man. Sometimes I fly to Miami just to record and I work in Kingston and all over the world, but my home is my home.
Big up time!
First of all the general Catman, Lefty B, all the fans in London, look out for me to come any time. Big up each and everyone who is part of my career. Big up P Zed my brother, Delroy Roberts and the whole God Alone Team – one love.

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