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Macka ready for round two

macka diamond

… lauds Lady Saw on victory in Sting clash

The Money Goddess Macka Diamond has congratulated Lady Saw on her victory at Sting 2013.

“People must remember that when two warriors meet on the battlefield of life, anything can happen, I did my best but it never work 100 per cent but I can hold my head high, my fans and supporters feel good, dem say mi brave because everybody afraid to go up against her, and I did it. Mi feel proud of myself to go up there and show courage inna the face of great odds and mi represent fi all the females in the industry and show that two top females can meet on a stage and nothing disgraceful nuh happen,” Macka Diamond said in a statement.

“I want to congratulate Lady Saw on winning the clash, it was a great moment for dancehall and a great moment for the females in the industry, and as Beenie Man say, mi ready fi ‘dweet again’. Bring on round two,” she said.


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