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Perspective: A Self-Respecting Political Party Would See Horne as A Prime Candidate For Expulsion

December 14, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

PNPAs the dust has begun to settle on the Norman Washington Horne’s Senate appointment debacle … pundits are predicting that the People’s National Party (PNP) will expell Norman Washington Horne.  He has brought himself and the party into disrepute. Are broke pocket people in a position to hold their heads high? It was Eddie Seaga who said: “It takes cash to care”.


The big issue is,  are the PNP in a position to pay Horne at least Ja$10 million dollars said to be owing to him?  This debt came up in the drama and appears to have been a bargain tool re his resignation from the Senate.  We honestly feel that all honourable debts should be paid.

JLP Candidate

A highly placed and usually impeccible PNP source has informed us that Norman Washington Horne ran as a JLP candidate against John Junor of the PNP in Central Manchester twice and lost (to Junor). Political parties do not stay with losing candidates unless they are unable to find suitable replacements or are desperate.

Sighting At King’s House

It is reported that Horne was seen visiting King’s House on Friday last. Was this when he handed his letter of resignation to the Governor General?  We think so.


It was apparently on the retirement of John Junor from representational politics that Peter Bunting took over and won as MP, three terms, a marginal seat in Central Manchester from about 2011 for the PNP.  Was there bad blood from then now playing out between Norman Horne and Peter Bunting?.  So Bunting is being blocked in the drama from being sworn into the Senate by Horne?  This view is mere speculation as such happenings are not readily disclosed. We have no concrete evidence that this is as theorized. We do not rule out this theory non-the-less.

Flip Flopper

Norman Horne is being described as a flip flipper based on his utterances and his actions. Firstly he switched political parties from JLP to PNP and now went back on his word not to sit as a Senator until a new leader was elected for the PNP.  This election took place on November 7, 2020. When a new PNP president was elected he (Horne) was having second thoughts about reneging on his public commitment to give the newly elected president a free hand to choose their pick to sit in the Senate.  Can such an individual be trusted going forward?  As a Senator you are placed in a position of trust. Your word should be your bond and mean something. Do you not think so?  Is Horne therefore, not a flip flipper?


We now know that Norman Washington Horne is not qualified to sit in Jamaica’s parliament as he carries and only recently travelled on his US passport. Said US passport was renewed for 10 years recently.  He returned to Jamaica on a Jamaican passport.  Such an action is not illegal. These two actions alone prove that he is therefore a dual citizen which automatically disqualifies any such candidate to sit in Jamaica’s parliament. This is settled law.  So by not revoking his US citizenship he deceived Dr. Peter Phillips in beleiving that he was eligible to accept such an appointment as a Senator. This was sleazy, shameful, selfish and scandalous if not downright deception on the part of Nornan Washington Horne.


We expected better from Horne. Will the PNP expell Norman Washington Horne for his perceived deception?  Do you not think that he brought the PNP and self into disrepute? We do not know the ground rules in the PNP for expulsion.  We are just examining the issue as we have every right to so do. This is therefore not a recommendation for Horne’s expulsion. Time will tell what unfolds.  We are delighted that this nightmare is over.  This is our perspective. What is yours?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist and keen observer of matters political. He also has international exposure.

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