Poetic Perspective: Colour, Class And Our Heritage

December 13, 2021 | By Hopeton O’Conner Dennie |

“I was never told that I was beautiful

That made me feel awful …”

So declared inter alia Prof. Carolyn Cooper … saying a mouthful …

“I got full recognition when I went overseas …”

Those folks saw her differently were her pleas …

She was speaking on “Talking History” with host Verene Shepherd live in Switzerland country …

“This was what they seem to see …

They appreciated the melolin in me …”

Prof Cooper’s remarks were paraphrased

But bears close interpretation to her points raised ….

When we embrace our children and affirm their affection

You are doing a lot for their selfhood appreciation …

The self-esteem and acceptance of their racial situation

It was a very interesting conversation …

That made quite a mouthful of revelation

Thanks touched on race issues and race relation …

Colour discrimination has been a perennial problem in the world …

It is shocking that 2021 sporting personalities are caught up in this swirl

These are highly paid people who should be at a higher grade

Fans look up to them as hero

Yet their conduct amounts to zero

What is your colour?

Who really cares …

The colour of your skin

Should be no big thing

To that we lift our hats and cheer …

Black folks, do try to stay clear

There is nothing of worth to gain on that tier …

As for skin colour or shade …

That position we should all evade

Stop being concerned about skin shade

Let us see such an area of humankind activity

As amounting to racism, if not an atrocity

We should respect the human personality

And stay clear by seeing such as an adversity

There was the view that Prof Verene Shepherd would pass

As her skin shade puts her ahead of the class

Prof Shepherd said she was the black sheep in her family

That utterance I deem with some difficulty

Her complexion is light in shade

Must lighter than most on the Jamaican colour page …

We all know that we are mixed up interracially

That is the experience of the Caribbean reality

The slave masters who colonized the land

Raped many an enslaved black woman

Causing their offspring to be of varying tan …

Those were clear cases of abomination

Such conduct was akin to actions  motivated by Satan …


We have to be careful as parents what we tell our children. Their self-esteem can be affected.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper Canada.

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