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Prime Minister Andrew Holness: All Jamaicans must join in the fight against Crime



Prime Minister Andrew Holness is urging all Jamaicans to join in the fight against crime.

The Prime Minister was speaking in the aftermath of the brazen murder of 54 year old Judith Williams, who was attached to the Office of Police Commissioner, Dr Carl Williams.

Mr Holness said that he is deeply saddened by Miss Williams’ death and added that his government will not allow criminality to flourish.

“She dedicated her life to serving her country and was looking forward to her retirement. Her dream has been stolen by criminals who, like true cowards, pounced on her when she was most vulnerable. This government will not allow this type of behaviour and wickedness to persist” Mr Holness said.

In addition, Mr Holness said that all Jamaicans must recognise that while we have made gains much more needs to be done.

“If all of us do not join the fight against crime and criminals, Judith’s Death might be in vain. The Police and the Government need partnerships with all citizens to combat criminality”, Prime Minister Holness added.


We are saddened at the untimely death of Woman Constable Williams who was reportedly shot 6 times by the pillion ruder on a bike as she was walking to get a taxi to work at the Commissioner’s Office, St. Andrew Jamaica W.I. it was 6 am Wednesday. She died after surgery.

Despite the recent 32 percent drop in major crimes … there is still much work to be done. The Prime Minister has vowed to stem “criminality” in a quick response to the brutal killing.

See PM Holness’ response to the shooting and subsequent death of the law officer which is enclosed.

Details are sketchy, but killing law officers is not common in Jamaica. Murders are usually caught after such occurrences.

We at Vision express our regrets.

Commentary by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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