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Profit And Loss in Festival Song Competition

Profit Revelation

July 5, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

For more than 15 years Profit Revelation is having constant dreams of winning the Jamaica Festival Song Competition. The jackpot could help in sending his children to school and provide  much needed material for a decent roof over his head.

But,  his entry was never selected as one of the top 10 finalists which could give him the chance of wearing that enviable crown, Mr. Festival.

Although disappointed that, perhaps the judges may have overlooked his entry in the past, Profit Revelation had anticipated a call this time around.

On Monday there was no call, and on Tuesday the position did not change.  Then, on Friday, when Olivia “Babsy”Grange, the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport made the announcement, Profit Revelation had finally conceded to losing a battle again.

The songs selected are:

Out of Many by Nazzleman

Bring Back The Love by Stamp

Jamaica Nice Again by Inspiyah

Defend Jamaica by Nitty Kutchie

Sixty,(Anniversary Time) by One 1

Rock to Da beat by Interest

I Am A Proud Jamaican by Magic

Nuh Weh Nice Like Yard by Sacaj

Diamond Jubilee by Orkid Carol Panton and Gladstone Wright.

Jamaica Sweet Again by Dez I Boyd,

Profit Revelation’s entry for this year’s Festival Song Competition is “One People”

Here are a few lines:

“We are one people, one Jamaica

Let’s come together and live in peace and love

All world leaders, let us come together

Let’s talk it over, the world needs love.

Wi affi fite crime wid a different approach

Yuh nuh hear bout the new anti- crime task force

Weh a target criminals and gangs  and dons.

We are sixty years of  independence

Give thanks and praise to the Lord.

We are sixty years of independence

Yu eva walk goh Dunns River Falls

Other festival song entries  submitted by the deejay are, “Ole Time Festival,” ” Don’t Stop The Prosperity” and Eat What We Grow.”

Profit Revelation, given name  Barrington Campbell,  has released more than 20 songs  including,” Dumplin and Chicken Back,” ” Bull Frog Dance,” “Gun Dog”

 and ” Brunesha.”

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