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Redd Heat unbeaten in clash series




On the judges’ scorecards, Redd Heat was the winner over Bredda Hype in the ongoing Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Face-Off competition hosted at Famous Night Club on Thursday night.

The opening juggling round narrowly went to Bredda Hype, however that was their only taste of victory for the entire night, as Redd Heat edged out the St Elizabeth sound in each successive round.

Bredda Hype started his set in war mode by playing the dubplate Kill Dem Sound Yah by Jah Bouks. “A two clash mi lose already and mi nuh come yah fi lose tonight,” he said and played Never Give Up by Chronixx, which saw him receive roars of approval from the audience.

He followed up on that selection with Khago’s Nah Mek Dem Drain My Energy, Yu Nuh More Than Mi by Vybz Kartel. He rounded off his selections with Hip-Hop singles like Never Scared by Bone Crusher and Big Meech by Rick Ross.

It was time for Redd Heat to respond, and they highlighted that the sound systems were banking on Vybz Kartel’s Portmore fanbase to save their skin, hence their choice to play predominantly Vybz Kartel songs in their sets. The Redd Heat selector dared to be different and he went for old school reggae and pop songs. “Everybody a play the same juggling? Mi a guh mek yu salute mi tonight,” he warned as he introduced Hills and Valleys by Buju Banton.

“Mi a guh show yu big tune, all di girl dem wey come fi cheer fi Bredda Hype mi a guh tek dem wey tonight,” the DJ said and got a huge approval from the audience for Jah Cure’s Same Way.

Redd Heat also went deeper old school, playing songs like Rockin Robin by Bobby Day among other dancing songs. It was no surprise however after their set when the judges selected Bredda Hype as the winner of the round.

In the challenge round, when the contenders were asked to play three winning festival songs Bredda Hype playedLand of My Birth by Eric Donaldson, Dem a Pollute by Stanley and The Astronauts as well as Bam Bam by Toots and The Maytals.

Redd Heat responded with Cherry Oh Baby by Eric Donaldson, Dem a Pollute by Stanley and The Astronauts which was already played by Bredda Hype and Give Thanks and Praises by Roy Rayon.

Fans of Bredda Hype were by now predicting that Redd Heat would have lost the round because they played a song that was already played by Bredda Hype, however the string of bad luck seemed to continue for Bredda Hype because the round was given to Redd Heat by the judges.

After also losing the 45 Round, in the dub-for-dub segment Bredda Hype started off with a dubplate by the Chris Gayle signed artiste Gage. However it was poorly received. Redd Heat on the other hand went for the big guns courtesy of Beres Hammond’s dub plate What Can You Do To Stop Your Sound from Dying, getting a strong response as result. Bredda Hype went for the popular revival single King David by Kukudoo and won back some of the audience in their corner and when Redd Heat decided to play a Shabba Ranks dubplate for None A Demwhich didn’t sound too authentic, the audience made them feel their disapproval by booing them soundly. Bredda Hype then played a Mad Cobra dub and had the audience erupting.

“Mi nah guh use nuh bag a man artiste and kill yu,” Redd Heat promised and played a female artiste, again the audience did not like the selection and booed the sound.

Bredda Hype decided to go the same route by playing Lady G’s Nuff Respect on dub. However they too suffered the same fate, at the lips of the audience who booed heavily.

Redd Heat now saw the opportunity to bounce back and stuck to their promise by playing a damaging Macka Diamond dub of Dye Dye, which had the audience erupting in Club Famous.

Bredda Hype ended with a Toots Hibbert dubplate while Redd Heat concluded the dub-for-dub round with a graphic Mad Cobra dubplate that instantly sent Bredda Hype packing.

At the end of the exciting battle, the judges unanimously proclaimed Redd Heat to be the winner for the third time in the Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Face-Off competition.


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