Rewarding Jamaica Journey for Ninja Crown “Talk Up” Signature T-Shirt Line by Cooyah Clothing

the talk up

Wednesday August, 12th, 2015 – When world renowned sound system selector Ninja Crown teamed up with Cooyah Clothing for “TalkUp, his idea was simple and precise, to open honest dialogues and use his voice to make a difference.

The dj/radio host kicked off his campaign on his beloved island of Jamaica where part of the #TalkUp sales aim to benefit Kingston Public Hospital. Reaching out to the media, Ninja visited such platforms as NewsTalk, Hot 102FM, Fame FM, Hype TV to explain the mission of #TalkUp. Humbled by the experience, he visited Kingston Public Hospital and saw first hand the urgent needs list and assessed for himself what is needed by the hospital.

My recent visit home, to Jamaica, was a productive one and an eye opener. Meeting with Dr Natlie Whylie of Kingston Public Hospital really made me see for myself that a lot is needed and I have a lot of work to do. But it can be done and will get done” stated Rohan “Ninja Crown” Henry

As Ninja is back on American soil, his mission continues, Talk Up about injustice, Talk Up about the need for the the less fortunate, Talk Up for the Voiceless. Talk Up! Order #TalkUp now on www.Cooyah.com or place order now at TalkUpTshirts@gmail.com

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