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Rollie Fresh urges Jamaicans to Detox for Corona cure with rising Covid numbers

September 1, 2020 | By Janice Young |

Dancehall lyricist, Rollie Fresh is spitting some hard hitting and controversial lyrics in his new single called Detox. The single voiced as a ‘No Rush’ parody talks particularly about the manipulations and mental slavery we face as a people especially during the global pandemic.

The intention is to inspire my people to see that it is only by detoxing your mind from all confusion and taking your health in your own hands we can ever truly be free from this Corona virus, we are our own best doctor,” Fresh explained

Rollie, who has been on the musical scene for over ten years, chose this ‘No Rush’ beat because of its popularity internationally as a single by Young T and Bugsey.  Detox is released on Rollie’s Above The Average Record label with tweaks to the original riddim and of course adding his twist with powerful words was the next step.

The artiste also believes the content is pure truth and isn’t afraid to be considered unorthodox or controversial especially with Jamaica’s increased Covid case numbers.

I want listeners to feel the wonderful energy of life’s harmony flowing through this song and to know the best system is a sounds systemDon’t get confused by all the lies we are being fed, your health is your wealth” Fresh added

With other new tracks released, Rollie believes his material is diverse and has been getting rave reviews especially with the new video for the single ‘Stalker’ with fans applauding his creativity.

Rollie will be looking to remix the Detox single soon and add visuals as well. Follow the artiste for updates @rolliefresh.


Janice Young is a PR Director/Event Coordinator & Advertising Consultant with StreetCred Jamaica

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