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Lyrical Battle heating up for Christmas Season

The very popular Sting show is the one that highlights clashes between artists. At the moment we have a few in the mix. Tony Matterhorn is taking the lead with his song ‘Duppy Attack’ in which he is attacking about every dancehall artist. But also Kiprich, who is of course no stranger when it comes to clashing and a few others are heating up the fire.

Mr. Vegas public break up with his wife

Just recently Mr Vegas is the latest artist who turned to social media to talk about his personal life. It was a very unfortunate situation which he described in every detail and quite blunt on facebook. He caught his wife, who is also the mother of his daughter with another man having unprotected sex. The incident took place just two days before Vegas’ birthday.

It is the talk right now in Jamaica, it is all over the news. What I can I say: if you put up a statement as an artist for everyone to see it could be done in a professional way. He will probably look at that in hindsight and regret the way he decided to deal with it. Because there is a child involved it is very unfortunate for a mother and father to be separated  in such a public, disgraceful way.

Tommy Lee disgruntles Jamaicans

The artist out of the Gaza camp is getting a lot of airplay, shows and a lot of interest especially from the younger generation. However he has decided to take on an alter ego by the name of ‘Uncle Daemon’ which sits not well with the Jamaican people. Jamaicans are very religious and spiritual people, and for someone to be labelling themselves as a demon, whether it is fictional or non-fictional, imaginary or otherwise, it is just something that is not accepted by Jamaican people. Most people perceive it as a very negative utterance and are concerned that media makes it available to young people.

Night Noise Act

We still have the issue of the Night Noise Act. It needs to be amended. At the moment the act requires parties and stage shows to be turned off at 2am. Most people in the music industry feel that this is too stringent and it needs to be moved to at least 4am – this would be a more reasonable time.  A lot of the politicians talk about the entertainment business but they still do not look at entertainment as a industry and career, of which people earn a living  and are able to feed their families from.

For example I was recently watching a show featuring the American band No Doubt. They mentioned that their most successful album is based on Jamaican dancehall and reggae songs. That is the power we have here with out music and we still fail to be fully in charge of it in the right ways.


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