Trumpian Folly And His Charge Of Incitement To Riot, Mob Style

January 18, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Trump Charged For High Crimes and Misdemeanor

Most of us are just tired to use the name President Donald J. Trump. We cannot wait to see the back of the 45th President signifying his absence.  His conduct of late baffles the mind. He issued a statement a few days ago denouncing the attack on the sacred seat of power in the Mother of all democracies.  This is his second such in days. Too little too late at damage control. Making no mention of impeachment, a criminal charge which he faces for inciting said riots he is now denouncing. How clever, sir?


He came across so sincere.  He almost fooled me.  He seems to have forgotten his role in this deadly drama. This is the second such denunciation in days since that mob attack on Capitol Hill,  the seat of Parliament, on January 6, 2021. Five deaths have occurred as a result of Trumpian Folly of incitement to riot. High crimes and misdemeanors, American style. So described at that level. The man in the street would be just a common criminal.

“What a tangled web we weave, when we choose to deceive”


Trump came across most innocently, as if it all took him by surprise. This second speech prompted this particular response:

Cliff Hughes, an Emmy Award winning Journalist, said inter alia of this second speech:

” A tele-promoter affair”

Cliff Hughes, is Executive Producer of Nationwide News Network (NNN). Jamaica W.I.

There have been other reactions mainly on Social Media, mostly of a negative nature.

Democracy Police

We have always held up the United States Of America as the place to look up to as the standard by which all democracies should be judged. It is well known that they send Election Observers internationally. Some, if not all,  from the noted Carter Centre, named after former US President James Earl Carter Jr. aka (Jimmy Carter). The 39th president who is a Democrat and is still alive at 96.

Gold Standard

This so called Gold Standard has lost its shine.  You almost cannot  recognize if that Gold standard has not been so smeared that we wonder if the American claim to be the international democracy police is still valid. The jury is out on that score.


It is my further perspective that this incitement resulting from Trump’s utterances which among other things falsely cast doubt on the fairness of their Electoral system, by bringing their democratic process into disrepute, claims he keeps repeating that the vote was stolen, the process was fraudulent, yet failing to produce any credible evidence. He is just a poor loser.  If that is not bad enough, he moves to inciting his supporters to riot. Yes!  By the outgoing US President, who having sworn to uphold the Constitution of the world’s most popular democracy has caused irreparably damaged to such an honourable institution. Hence his second historic impeachment. Trump has a lot to think about in his forced political retirement.

Biden Sets the Stage

Last night, Thursday, January 14, 2021 President-Elect Joseph R. Biden made a bold step. He outlined a new package of relief to stimulate the US economy. 1.9 Trillion dollars relief plan will be a big boost to many who face eviction and possible loss of their homes, cars, small businesses, etc.  The loss of lives of loved ones is even most devastating. Over three hundred thousand so far in the United States Of America  (USA) alone.

Biden’s Vaccination Plan

An ambitious plan to vaccine 100 million in his first 100 days in office is quite ambitious, but a needed focus. The death rate is out of control. We wish him well. He needs to publicly take vaccine to show that he leads by example.  It would be great to see him and VP-Elect Harris do so publicly. Obama and Michelle et al could follow their example soon. We await his rollout plan as to how he will get so many arms injected. It will be a mammoth task.  Overcoming the sceptics alone is a huge challenge.


Biden has stuck a tone of unity and that was a golden touch. After all the divisive comments by the outgoing  “Thug” we do need a leader to unite the people.  There is a new book out calling Trump a thug.  You be the judge if you think he was or is a thug?

Donald Trump will be written about for a long time to come. Is this good or bad? What will be his legacy?  History will write the last chapter. Will he be convicted?  Already people have said his second impeachment has disgraced him and the high office he holds.

As usual you be the judge.

We wish the new president and his VP Kamala Harris all the success. We will be looking on with pride as people of colour as Harris takes the oath. After all, all lives matter. We had no doubt about that claim. We were all made equal in the sight of God.

“There is no super race, Hitler was wrong. Racism is an affront to decency”


Is Trump a white supremacist in disguise?  He got one term despite his credible performance and good job figures that boosted the USA economy.  He divided by building a wall to keep out as he stated ‘rapists”. Your legacy will never forget those facts.

You held a bible upside down and felt by your conduct that black lives did not really matter. Black lives did matter indeed!  We wish you well as you reflect on your folly. Did you grope and rape your own legacy?

What Really Matters?

You have proven that being a Trumpian

Those antics do not make you a champion

Will this be written on your epitaph?

“Here lies a man who tore Americans apart

Was a divider- in- chief

Caused untold heartache and grief”

Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare penned this of Julius Caesar’s legacy:

“He came, he saw, and he conquered”

Of Donald J. Trump we are compelled to opine that:

“He came, he divided, lied, incited, was impeached twice and naturally his legacy was dishonoured.”

When the final chapter on your legacy is also being written. It is your lack of positive attributes in your life’s path as US president that really mattered in the end. In a nutshell,  it is what we do with our own life that really matters. You had it all going for you, yet you tarnished the gold that could shine on your legacy. Is it inciting that mob that left 5 dead, and your second impeachment trial that did it for you President Donald J. Trump?  If so, what a pity!

Going Forward

Looking forward, can you imagine the bee hive of activity in their preparation for the new President?

Will Biden get a new “Beast” as the limousine or POTUS Car is often referred to as.  The fact that Trump only had one term, will there be time to build a new one in such a short time? The Secret Service likely has a spare or two.  They plan ahead for these eventualities. You are talking about a super power. We look forward to their attire. I think Biden should wear a grey suit with a top hat. Dress his age. Walk about very little,  if at all. Security should be utmost on their minds. Leave very little to chance. Hopefully they will wear bullet armour discreetly.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, veteran journalist and a keen watcher of politics. He has international exposure also.

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