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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Bunting Rejects PNP Plan To Hold Early Delegates Conference

Peter Bunting

Breaking News:

There is a showdown looming between MP Peter Bunting and the PNP Secretariat who wants to hold a speedy delegates conference to settle the leadership issue of the challenge to Dr. Peter Phillips by Central Manchester MP Peter Bunting.
Early General Elections 
The PNP sense that PM Andrew Holness may opt to call a snap General election and catch them with their “pants at their knees”. This would be quite legal and his the PM’s sole preogative to so do.  Politics as you are aware is no Sunday school affair. It is seizing the advantage when it suits you.  This is what political parties do.  It is about getting power at all cost and enjoying the spoils of the victory.  Enormous spoils it can be.
Party Conference
Bunting would like to be nominated and have the vote so the announcement can be made at the Conference. So if he wins the vote then he will address Conference as Party President.  PNP Conference is due about September 2019.
As the showdown looms certain delegates have been lining up behind their respective canditates/camps. The disruption can only benefit the JLP.  A divided PNP will be distracted and their energies will be dissipated. As the drama unfolds it will be anybody’s guess as to the outcome of the vote and a resolution of the date of the vote impasse.  Things could get very nasty before the dust is settled.
Phillips could be the only PNP president and opposition leader in Jamaica not to face the electorate in a general election. Phillips faced two by- elections which he lost to the JLP. They were considered safe PNP seats that they held.
Sir Donald Sangster
 Although serving for a very short time Sir. Donald Sangster.(JLP) did face the electorate in a nationwide poll in 1967. He was Jamaica’s 2nd Prime Minister. Sangster a Solicitor died in office  … he did face the electorate in 1967. Sir Donald Sangster (JLP)  55 who died in office suddenly after he won the elections of 1967.  It was later discovered that he died of a brain anarism in Canada. His body was flown to Jamaica for burial like Seaga.  It was widely rumoured that he was poisoned in an alleged palace coup. What is your perspective? Let us get your feedback. Feel free to disagree.
Will Bunting be listened to and have his way?
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent and photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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