February 25, 2016

JLP Poised To Form Majority Government … Jamaicans Have Spoken … 33-30 …

Andrew Michael Holness, left, Prime Minister-Designate stands beside his protege’ Right Honourable Phillip George Seaga former Prime Minister at microphone, at JLP party headquarters, Belmont Road, […]
February 25, 2016
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Perspective: Mr. Vegas is right! PNP SECRETIVELY Selling Off National Treasures … Secrecy About Trip By Portia To China?

Vision must be commended for posting this entertainment story of this new Single by Mr. Vegas “Gi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica.” The Government of the […]
February 25, 2016

‘Babsy’ Grange A Tower Of Strength for the JLP

Feature :Anyone with even limited exposure to Jamaican politics will be aware of the invaluable contribution Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange has made and continues to make to […]
February 24, 2016

NEWS BREAK: Gunshots Stop Peter Phillips … JLP Condemns Shooting

The venue was Portia Simpson Square where hundreds gathered in a final attempt to convince voters to give the PNP a second term. Dr. Peter Phillips […]
February 24, 2016

Holness meets with residents in a walk through in his constituency

There has been a definite swing towards the JLP … a larger than 2011 voter turn out is predicted, some 5 percent … there was a […]
February 24, 2016
dr Peter Phillips on property tax leader

Perspective: Dr. Peter Phillips & Dr. Laurent Gbagbo … Tales of Two Characters?

    Having done a perspective on Laurent Gbagbo for vision of the Ivory Coast recently… his behaviour is fresh in my thoughts. It would be […]
February 24, 2016

Mrs. Juliet Holness files lawsuit for defamation against Dr. Peter Phillips

This morning the attorney for Mrs. Juliet Holness filed a defamation suit against Dr. Peter Phillips for statements made by him and associates of the PNP […]
February 19, 2016


A project of the Ministries of Justice & Natural Security was held recently in Andrew Holness’ Constituency. It is an alternate way to dispense justice in […]
February 18, 2016

Vision’s Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist is welcomed to Manifesto Launch by Former PM & JLP Leader Andrew Michael Holness

“Pegasus Hotel was the venue for the Launch of the JLP Menefesto. Former PM’S SEAGA AND GOLDING WERE HELPFUL IN PUTTING TOGETHER THIS HISTORIC DOCUMENT … This […]
February 17, 2016

Landell family hits back at PNP slander

Juliet Holness and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Landell, are saddened that their good family name has been dragged through the mud by accusations that their […]
February 17, 2016

Congratulations Morgan Heritage

The Ministry of Youth and Culture congratulates Morgan Heritage on winning the Grammy for Best Reggae Album at the 58 Grammy Awards held last evening at […]
February 16, 2016

Holness publicly declared his assets and source of funding

It was a chilly Monday when thousands of green clad disciples of Andrew Michael Holness and the JLP met to inform electors of 10 Point Plan. […]