Dancehall artist Spice to release four new videos

Dancehall artiste Spice plans to release four new videos throughtout the next few weeks, the first of which was her ‘Back Bend’ video.


The video, released last week, was produced and directed by Xtreme Arts Cashflow. Spice said it has already been receiving rave reviews from fans.

“The fans are really loving the ‘pirates’ scenes and they love the creativity behind the video. I also used a little orchestra band in the video because the beat in the chorus has a similar sound.

Apart from that, I released a video for Bend Ova, which I shot while I was on tour in Paris, in January, and that video already has almost 500,000 views on my VEVO channel (SpiceofficialVevo) in just a month of its release,” Spice added.

Bend Ova was produced by DJ Greg from Paris. Additionally, Spice is about to release the video for her latest reggae single, I Love You, on the ‘Dancehall Sings’ rhythm, produced by ZJ Chrome of CR203 Productions.

Not to be outdone, Spice’s latest single, Needle Eye, produced by BMG, will also have a great video, produced and directed by Xtreme Arts.

“That video will be released in two weeks. I realise that people anticipate my music videos because of my creativity, and so I try hard not to disappoint them. I’m confident that they will love these four videos because I’ve put my all into them. Also, the So Mi Like It video currently has over 17 million views on my VEVO channel so I’m happy and grateful for that,” Spice stated.

Spice is currently on her month-long European tour and will return to the island during the first week of May.



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