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KSAMC to Meet With Party Promoters

Representatives of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) are set to meet with party promoters to discuss issues regarding the staging of entertainment events.

Speaking at the KSAMC’s monthly meeting on Tuesday (September 10) at the Corporation’s office in downtown Kingston, Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, disclosed that he had received a letter from party promoters earlier this week in which they outlined a number of concerns.

These include the need for entertainment zones and venues for large events; the number of permits that they have to obtain to stage an event; and the attitude of the police.

Senator Williams said that the promoters, in the letter, requested a meeting with the KSAMC, which will be arranged as soon as possible.

“We have a responsibility to air the concerns because, as a municipality, we have some level of responsibility as it relates to the issuance of amusement licences, and we also have a responsibility to ensure that the environment within which the industry operates is orderly, structured and is fertile for investment,” he noted.

“So, those discussions will take place at our level, and I am pretty sure those discussions will take place at other levels as it relates to the Noise Abatement Act,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Mayor said that discussions are ongoing with the operators of the Hope Zoo and Hope Gardens in St. Andrew regarding complaints raised by the Hope Pastures Citizens Association about the noise emanating from events held on the compound and a possible solution to the problem.

“We have placed a limit on events at those venues, and the operators of both Hope Gardens and Hope Zoo, having cooperated with the Corporation, they’ve been ironing out the difficulties and coming up with various solutions and measures to assist,” he said.

The KSAMC has restricted the number of events staged at the venues to two per month.

In the meantime, the Corporation is collecting data on the decibel levels emanating from the staging of events on the compound and the volume that presents a nuisance to the residents of Hope Pastures.

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