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January 17, 2018
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January 18, 2018

A Limited Sate of Emergency declared in Montego Bay and environs, Jamaica’s second city.

The PM called a press conference to explain the reasons for the declaration of a State Of Public Emergency declared in St. James today January 18, 2018,  which encompasses Montego Bay, Ja. W.I.,  and environs with a population of about 120,000 persons. The tourism mecca of Jamaica. Over 300 persons were killed there in 2017.


Crime has been crippling this noted tourist resort as some 300 persons were killed there last year (2017) mainly by the gun.


Crimes against tourists are rare in Jamaica. St. James, where Montego Bay is located is not totally shut. There will be increased police and military presence to support the limited state of emergency.

Tourists were not attacked in any significant way. It was mainly gang shooting at gang members to settle scores. Also domestic violence related attacks. The gun featured in 80 percent of all attacks.  Innocent bystanders were at times caught in cross fires … injured and at times killed.

The PM Holness said inter alia that “human rights would be respected”. Delroy Chuck displayed Gazette at conference


This mean it has been signed by the Government and has legal status.  Without being placed in the Gazette the declaration would not have any legal feet to stand on … any action like detention of a suspect taken under this declaration without Gazette status would be illegal.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC was there and filed this report for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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