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Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V”


While speaking on the projects he’s currently working on during an interview with Montreality, producer Mannie Fresh offered some insight into Lil Wayne’s upcoming album, Tha Carter 5.

According to Mannie Fresh, the album will boast “that original Cash Money feel” and will be reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s first Tha Carter album.

“Lil Wayne, of course,” the beatsmith said while speaking on the projects he’s working on. “We’re still waiting to see what happens with that album. We kinda went back to that original Cash Money feel. You know what I’m saying? What you grew up on. The Mannie Fresh sound that you knew Wayne and Mannie did the chemistry. So, it’s more of that original, first Carter. That feel.”

Later in the interview, Mannie was asked to name the most beautiful thing about Cash Money Records. According to the producer, it was the desire for a group of kids to turn their dream into reality, which was one of the most beautiful things about the label.

“The story behind it. It was some kids who took nothing and turned it into something,” Mannie Fresh said. “And it’s the dream that everybody dream about. And it actually came through. So, I think that’s the most beautiful thing. That’s iconic for some kids to say ‘Hey, we love music. And we’re gonna get together and build something big and start out with a dream.’ And actually make it a reality.”

Lastly, Mannie Fresh offered his thoughts on Kanye West, stating that ‘Ye is as an artist that “Hip Hop needs.”

“I think to each his own,” he said. “Kanye is very passionate about what he do. And that’s what’s so incredible about him. And there will never be another Kanye West…He’s super passionate and he’ll jump out there at you. And that’s the great thing about him. I wouldn’t take it away from him. I think Hip Hop needs him. We need more people like that.

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