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March 6, 2018
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March 6, 2018

Perspective: Bunting Gave Dr. Nigel Clarke A Boost …

A rather dumb comment attributed to MP for Central Manchester Peter Bunting gave Dr. Nigel Clarke a big boost, by criticizing Clarke describing him as “Black Royalty” was in my perspective was not the form of attack on the eve of an election vote.

Doctors Differ …

They say doctors differ and patients die.  It is a classic case of a pot cursing a kettle that it is too black.  The moral is both go on the stove blackened by smoke.  Bunting was possibly trying to paint Dr. Nigel Clarke as not in touch with the common person. Whatever his motives were it backfired, big time. Facebook made the world know about his dumb comments.

Dr. Nigel Clarke in his own words

Speaking on radio today March 6, the morning after his decisive victory in NW St. Andrew Constituency for the JLP. Dr. Clarke said:  “I want to see youth empowered in Jamaica … I brought the first and youngest black person who has circumnavigated the world in a single engine plane …. roads will be my main focus …. as MP … I will work as hard as I can  … I intend to work with other government departments.  Today it is not about me but the people.” Declared MP-elect for North West St. Andrew Dr. Nigel Clarke.

What are your plans going forward ?

Responding to Bunting’s criticism “I don’t want to give a response to such a comment … I am not going to be drawn into a comment not worthy of a response.” This comment was made with Dr. Garnet Roper and recorded on Facebook.
“My orchestra played at his organization  … I know Dr. Garnet Roper very well and we have interacted well. My mother was the first Children’s Advocate. My father was a lawyer then a Pusnie Judge.  My mother’s father was a farmer who went to Cuba. He was head in his later years of the PC Bank in Manchester. Claude Clarke, my uncle was a government Minister in the PNP. Keith Clarke who died tragically  … my uncle. Most of my siblings are overseas. I worked at Goldman Sacks as an investment banker. This was after getting my PHD.  I have served as a Senator, as head of commissions and an ambassador.

Are you prepared to serve, if asked to serve in the Cabinet of PM Holness?

“I am prepared to serve in any capacity I am called upon to serve.”

“Clarke aspire to be Black Royalty, classical music etc. When compared to the rural down to earth type Keisha Hayle” … Asserts Bunting being pushed on by Dr. Garnet Roper as they discussed Dr. Nigel Clarke.


What unadulterated nonsense. Here is a young gifted and black successful individual being torn down by Mr. Peter Bunting et al.

PM Responds To Bunting et al …

“Them out of sync and them have a bad mind … now them a grudge you for your education before them talk bout people house.” The PM was strident as he dismissed Bunting
et al.

Dr. Nigel Clarke should be grateful for the boost given to him by Bunting et al.

Let us get your feedback.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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