Perspective: News Round Up: Toby Obed, a first Nation advocate …. Victim … Residential School Mess …

Never Too Late To Say Sorry ..

Obed lost both legs and an arm to frost bite, he ran away from the residential school system and paid the price with a life long disability.

The Canadian authorities for their own reasons thought it prudent to want to socially engineer their society.  It entailed rounding up and separating First Nations children and carting them off to so called Residential Schools.  The religious bodies mainly the Catholics,  Anglicans and United churches had assumed responsibility for the day to the running of these institutions.


Conditions in these Faith Based entities were not always pristine and there were reports of psychological brain washing.  These wards were to undergo a “make over”. Their cultural identity and backgrounds were to be socially re engineered to mirror those who wish to remould their minds.  It was cruel and led to runaways, suicides and indelible scars were inflicted on impressionable minds. Scars that are likely to live with these wards for life.


Reports which cannot be verified are that sexual and other forms of abuses occurred in these Residential School settings. We have no evidence that these atrocities occurred  … and if so was in any way sanctioned or was encouraged in any shape or form by the authorities. We hope not?


It did prove to be an emotional moment when Canadian PM Justin Trudeau stood up as promised and publicly asked forgiveness from First Nations representatives for atrocities they received some four decades ago due to a policy of separating families and dumping children into residential schools.

In the video monitored by Vision Newspaper and shown by the BBC’s flagship magazine programme “The National” … PM Justin Trudeau embraces Tony Obed and attempts reconciliation prior to issuing a public apology for past hurts ..  after 46 years after running away from the residential school. Obed got Can$$200, 000 as compensation.

We want to congratulate PM Justin Trudeau for reaching out and wanting to mend fences with the First Nations peoples. It is the right thing to do. Good for you Mr. PM.

We hope Tony Obed will heal one day. We know the hurt runs deep.
Freedom Of Speech

Lindsay Shepherd … has been fighting to preserve freedom of speech at Laurier University, Quebec which was being violated?

The university has apologized to the student for violating her Freedom of expression right.  The leadership of the university appear quite embarrassed about the whole incident.


Free speech and an environment to allow for same is most critical for any university worldwide.  It must be an embarrassment for any university community to be so labeled as suppressing free speech or thought.  This is unbelievable.

What is your perspective? This is ours. Let us hear from you soon.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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