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Perspective: Effective Communication … Words The Key

Lasting Relationships a by-product for life.

We form relationships at every stage of our lives.  If we are aware of this reality then we can plan to master them.  Our ability to master these relationships will greatly depend on our ability to effectively communicate with others and maintain relationships. Life is a partnership at different levels.  We have to work with our  parents, our siblings, our classmates and the list goes on. There is no mistaking this phenomenon.  Those of us who are able to master this in life will invariably succeed.

The earlier we learn that effective communication is the lifeblood of any relationship the more fulfilled we will be.. Many relationships are seriously affected by failure to effectively communicate with our partners.  Partners in this context does. not necessarily mean wife or husband or a close intimate friendship. Partner is anyone we have to work with or relate to. Anyone with whom you have to relate can be seen as your partner.  We form them at church, at work at the garage, at the gym and last but not least at home. The helper, the gardener are all our partners.

Some very successful professionals are unable to have successful relationships.


In most cases the spoken word is
used to communicate our views. ideas or dreams and aspirations.  However,  there are at times non verbal communication which can be as effective as verbal utterances.  The words we use are the threads that weave the fabric of our thoughts.

Why relationships fail?

Anybody who can find or discover why relationships fail will be rotten rich.  We may never know, but we have some signposts that can lead to long and lasting relationships.  We think the number one (1) is the words we use and  (2) how we effectively communicate with others.  We think relationships fail due to ineffective communication above all other reasons or causes.  Experience has taught me wisdom.


They are the things we say and how we articulate the thought we have.  Being diplomatic can also assist in effectively relating to others.  When we put down others, embarrass others, act in a selfish way …only concerned about our success. We have heard persons referred to someone as only being wrapped up in themselve.  Your failure to be able to walk in the others shoe or to be altruistic is an ineffective way to relate well to others.  Do the opposite by not taking the other person for granted.  Treat the other as you wished to be treated.

This is no text book analysis to enjoy lasting interpersonal relationships. With effective communications we will have less heartaches. break ups, run always from home. divorce and even suicide.

What is your perspective?  This is ours. Feel free to disagree.  Let us choose our words more carefully for lasting relationships.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has been in at least one personal relationship for (50) fifty straight years.  He is also Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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