Perspective: What is Canada’s ‘age of consent’ and what are the Liberals changing?




Anal Sex Expose’

Is This Opening The Back Door?

The age of consent appears to be a very sexy way to get popular support by politicians. Is this really so?

The Consecutive government raised the age of consent to 16 from 14 in 2008. This effectively meant giving freedom to many more teenagers to be able to give consent to have sex.

Anal Sex

Engaging in anal sex was another matter. That was still illegal at that age. Eighteen was the age for full freedom to engage in all forms of consenual sexual activity including anal sex.


Unwanted sexual touching is still a criminal offence for any age. This aspect of the criminal code has not been repealed.

In my perspective bill C32, as proposed by the Liberal Government makes no distinction as it relates to anal intercourse. If you are 16 you can legally engage in anal intercourse as long it is consensual.

The liberals should thread cautiously on this “front” as there seems to be potential for a moral backlash as it relates to opening the back door too widely as it specifically relates to anal activity.


It is my further perspective that the seeds that gave rise to the political birth of Trump mania in the USA may have had its Genesis in liberalized sex laws … like same sex marriage and the outlawing of anal sex activity in the USA. The Democrats in the USA may have gone too liberal.

There appears to have been an organized anti-buggery campaign world wide to put anal sex activity from the back door to the front burner.


In Belize the “Unnatural Sex Act” which effectively made any anal sex activity illegal in that country … was struck down by their Chief Justice Benjamin by oral ruling.

This has been seen as a major victory for those with an anti-buggery agenda. It has long been argued by gay rights activists and academics et al that there should be legalization of this illegal activity. Effectively, MSM are stigmatized since anal sex is illegal. HIV is prevalent in this high risk group … in the region of 40 percent. They go underground instead of coming forward to be tested.


Be assured that we are not anti-gay or overly homophobic, our main interest is to inform and educate. Ignorance leads to further stigmatization of the gay community.

We respect the rights of all to peruse the lifestyle they feel most comfortable with, as long as they do not impose same on minors or others who do not wish to hop on for the ride.

We welcome your feedback on this frontal exposure to this oftentimes “hidden” behind the door back issue.

As usual the verdict and choices are yours. See link enclosed.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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